Summer Project

Here’s where my head is at regarding photographic things at the moment:

1. I have an abundance of large brass lenses and it’s time to decide which I am keeping and which need to be sold to fund other projects. I will be spending the next month or so shooting images as tests and ultimately to gather examples to use when selling the lenses.

2. I need to write about the three deardorff cameras that have entered my life by fate or kismet.

3. I need to post “#ThatOneTimeInSlovakia” or at least the images contained therein. The website doesn’t feature anything of the trip – and it’s odd… since it’s been a year and it was over 30 rolls of film).

4. I am going on a crazy adventure with the Mrs. at the end of the summer and need to build a kit that will allow me to shoot both quickly and easily on the street – while allowing me the opportunity for higher quality / larger format when time and view permit.

5. I’d like to start filming a podcast about film and developing.