Summer Project

Here’s where my head is at regarding photographic things at the moment:

1. I have an abundance of large brass lenses and it’s time to decide which I am keeping and which need to be sold to fund other projects. I will be spending the next month or so shooting images as tests and ultimately to gather examples to use when selling the lenses.

2. I need to write about the three deardorff cameras that have entered my life by fate or kismet.

3. I need to post “#ThatOneTimeInSlovakia” or at least the images contained therein. The website doesn’t feature anything of the trip – and it’s odd… since it’s been a year and it was over 30 rolls of film).

4. I am going on a crazy adventure with the Mrs. at the end of the summer and need to build a kit that will allow me to shoot both quickly and easily on the street – while allowing me the opportunity for higher quality / larger format when time and view permit.

5. I’d like to start filming a podcast about film and developing.

Microphone Test

Which photo do you like best and why?

Each was taken with a different lens using an 8×10 deardorff with X-ray film exposed at 200iso and developed in rodinal 1:50 for 7 minutes.

Bermuda – Kodak XX – Developed in Rodinal 1:50


Meghan and I went to Bermuda over holiday. I brought my black paint Leica M3 and shot a handful of rolls while there. This is one of the more interesting rolls – because the contrast is off the charts. Which DOES NOT work with most of the images… but totally does with the others.

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Expired Maco GW (2 rolls with bad emulsion)


Two rolls of expired Maco GW… and both had problems with the emulsion. I guess it’s sensitive. I developed carefully in rodinal… but you can’t fix what isn’t there in the first place… and if the emulsion was bad when the photos were taken – then it is foolish of me to expect that developing them will magically make it better. Some of the images were taken with the freestyle / aero ektar mount on a 35mm canon 1VHS.

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Kolor film by Revolog – Multiple Exposures – Canon – At the Zoo with Scott Barbick

Scott Barbick and I went to the zoo nearby one cold fall day. He was shooting medium format lomo purple… (I think…) and I was shooting 35mm Revolog kolor film (my favorite fun film). I am not sure what prompted me – but I decided to shoot a multiple exposure roll. It seems I shot each frame consecutively… and of course – not every one is a multiple exposure – meaning that I must have had to hit a button or something to make it do this and I forgot. Ultimately, I expose for 100 on the 200iso film if I plan for shooting dualies…

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Hawkeye C41 Super Color with Leica in Bermuda on Front Street


From the website: “It’s being called the “Hi-Speed Ektar” because of it’s rich colors! Previously only available on bulk cored reels, the FilmPhotographyProject now offers the much talked about “Kodak Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance Film” in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 24 exposures! An amazing color film that is easy to process by you or your corner pharmacy – C-41!

This amazing color film is bulk loaded from film that Kodak calls Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance Film. It’s technical application was in surveillance cameras and because of this, it has amazing, flexible color and exposure latitude. Shoot it at 200 asa…shoot it at 400 asa…shoot it higher – you’ll get an awesome image. Super Positive! Film is balanced for daylight or electronic flash and can be used under mixed lighting. This film uses the widely available Process C-41.

This film uses KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsion technology that provides extremely fine grain and high sharpness. This film provides a wide exposure latitude (2 stops under to 3 stops over the normal exposure) and push performance to EI 800. It has been optimized for use with film scanners and provides a durable emulsion overcoat to prevent scratches.

Amazing Latitude! Although rated at 400 asa both Michael Raso, Leslie Lazenby and FPP super friend Lance King have been shooting the film at 200 – 250 asa for more pleasing results.”

I do love the vivid colors. I wouldn’t exactly call it hi-speed – but 400 is 2x more than 100… in terms of iso.

All the images were taken with a Leica M3.

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