My first attempt at stand processing AND Blue X Ray film

This is 4×5 Blue X-ray film that had been cut and reboxed for this large format size. Film like this comes 8×10 and larger… including 11×14 – which I hope to be using on Tiny Tim (my 11×14 camera – not a character from a Dickens book).
The black horizontal lines were from my misloading the film into the developing reel. It took a whole package of the film for me to realize that there were in fact corner marks (the corners are rounded) and since the film is double sided with emulsion – loading the emulsion is a crapshoot with a medal tank like mine.
Next time – in my plastic tank.
This is stand developing… so Rodinal 1:100 for 10 minutes.
Seems as if I both underexposed and underdeveloped.

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Tree Next Door – Pentacon Six – Aero Ektar – Fuji Velvia 100


The tree next door has some awesome colors in the fall. I tried to capture them last year – but failed. This year – I shot multiple rolls – specifically slide film (fuji velvia 100) in a pentacon six tl with aero ektar / freestyle mount.

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The Tree Next Door – Pentacon Six – Aero Ektar – 100s Ektachrome


The tree next door has some awesome colors in the fall. I tried to capture them last year – but failed. This year – I shot multiple rolls – specifically slide film (ektachrome 100s) in a pentacon six tl with aero ektar / freestyle mount.

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Hawkeye C41 Respool – Super Color – Canon Lenses


From the website: “It’s being called the “Hi-Speed Ektar” because of it’s rich colors! Previously only available on bulk cored reels, the FilmPhotographyProject now offers the much talked about “Kodak Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance Film” in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 24 exposures! An amazing color film that is easy to process by you or your corner pharmacy – C-41!

This amazing color film is bulk loaded from film that Kodak calls Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance Film. It’s technical application was in surveillance cameras and because of this, it has amazing, flexible color and exposure latitude. Shoot it at 200 asa…shoot it at 400 asa…shoot it higher – you’ll get an awesome image. Super Positive! Film is balanced for daylight or electronic flash and can be used under mixed lighting. This film uses the widely available Process C-41.

This film uses KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsion technology that provides extremely fine grain and high sharpness. This film provides a wide exposure latitude (2 stops under to 3 stops over the normal exposure) and push performance to EI 800. It has been optimized for use with film scanners and provides a durable emulsion overcoat to prevent scratches.

Amazing Latitude! Although rated at 400 asa both Michael Raso, Leslie Lazenby and FPP super friend Lance King have been shooting the film at 200 – 250 asa for more pleasing results.”

I do love the vivid colors. I wouldn’t exactly call it hi-speed – but 400 is 2x more than 100… in terms of iso.

I shot the blurred photos with an Aero Ektar and freestyle adapter on a canon. The others were other lenses.

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Multiple Exposure (Cine 200 La Sardina) around the neighborhood


I enjoy this toy camera given to me by Lomography for walks with my dog and capturing multiple exposures of local life. My belief has always been that memories are more like multiple exposures than still photos. Practicing with this camera – in this way – in and around my neighborhood helps me understand the relationships between the frames. When is two appropriate? When are three? This film has an interesting color cast that I wanted to explore further.

Not all of the images are in fact multiple exposures.  Sometimes something happens that it makes sense to try and capture it within a single frame. No rules… and just fun.

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Kolor by Revolog in Canon at Sugarbush and Surrounding Areas


Kolor is my favorite “fun” film in the 35mm format. I contacted revolog after shooting my initial order of three rolls – and ordered 50 more (major bulk discount) as I just can’t get enough of this stuff. Not sure why… since I have absolutely no control – but after seeing my New York City photos and the ones from the Eurotrip… it’s just a fun all around roll.

Over/Under exposure doesn’t seem to make as much difference as it does with Lomography films. That seems pretty constant through most of the Revolog films except for the two IR type ones (460nm and 600nm).

Some of these particular images were taken with the Aero Ektar and Freestyle Modifier.

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Revolog Texture with Canon at Sugarbush


I will be honest. I think this film is kind of an over priced joke. I don’t mean to be insulting… but I guess I just don’t see the creative uses for this film in terms of my own work. Though, I can’t say that I didn’t try. I was sort of hoping that I would fall into an interesting frame… it didn’t happen here, NYC or somewhere in the Eurotrip.

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