My first attempt at stand processing AND Blue X Ray film

This is 4×5 Blue X-ray film that had been cut and reboxed for this large format size. Film like this comes 8×10 and larger… including 11×14 – which I hope to be using on Tiny Tim (my 11×14 camera – not a character from a Dickens book).
The black horizontal lines were from my misloading the film into the developing reel. It took a whole package of the film for me to realize that there were in fact corner marks (the corners are rounded) and since the film is double sided with emulsion – loading the emulsion is a crapshoot with a medal tank like mine.
Next time – in my plastic tank.
This is stand developing… so Rodinal 1:100 for 10 minutes.
Seems as if I both underexposed and underdeveloped.

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