NYC Trip: Kolor by Revolog


From my trip with Meghan to NYC.

This film changes the colour of the picture, but the effect differs a little all the time. You’ll have gradients from red to blue, orange, green, pink, turquoise, etc. Underexposure will make the effect stronger whereas overexposure will make it less strong.

This is one of my favorite films. So much so – I contacted Revolog and ordered a bunch in bulk. I suggest you do the same.

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NYC Trip: Gekko MW 100


From my trip with Meghan to NYC. Part of this roll includes our going on a kick starter adventure for our anniversary. It was a private hat factory tour where we were able to design and build our own hats (or at least watch them be made) and have awesome hatboxes.

From the web, “Gekko MW 100 Plus Black and White ISO 100 Film Maco and Rollei are a well known ‘Boutique’ Film manufacturer in Germany and we got a hold of some of their hard to find 100 speed film manufactured as a private label for Mitsubishi. ISO 100 speed Film. Now the exact film is most likely the Adox/Efke 100 version, although Maco told us at the time the master rolls were from another famous manufacturer.”

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Gloria and Allison


These photos were taken during my fourth shoot with Allison and Gloria. The initial black and white photos were taken with Dorothy (my custom large format camera). The color rectangles were in fuji fp-100c45 and then scanned in. The next set of images (black and white / color) were taken with a Pentacon 6TL with medium format film.

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