Bermuda – Kodak XX – Developed in Rodinal 1:50


Meghan and I went to Bermuda over holiday. I brought my black paint Leica M3 and shot a handful of rolls while there. This is one of the more interesting rolls – because the contrast is off the charts. Which DOES NOT work with most of the images… but totally does with the others.

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Cinestill with Leica in Bermuda


One of my favorite personal challenges are scenes that contain multiple unmovable/controllable light sources each with their own color temperature. The best example – to date – had been Times Square, NYC. The neon, the rgb from the televisions, the led, the tungsten from the streetlights, and everything else. My favorite film to use in that situation is Cinestill. Even though Hamilton, Bermuda is not one of the most urban centers – it was the holiday and had multiple light sources – as you will see. Made for some interesting shots. I think removing the remjet before shooting – caused a lot of the lens flare. I will have to confirm this with other rolls.

Apparently the cinestill also works very well with undergound lights at the crystal caves. Just saying.

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Kolor with Leica in Bermuda


Meghan and I took a trip to Bermuda over the holiday. I brought 50 rolls of film and two Leica M3’s. I shot 10 rolls. I consider that a success. This is the roll of Kolor. It wasn’t very contrasty – so I made adjustments in post. The scans were done by my lab – and I tweaked them. I like it.

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