Kolor film by Revolog – Multiple Exposures – Canon – At the Zoo with Scott Barbick

Scott Barbick and I went to the zoo nearby one cold fall day. He was shooting medium format lomo purple… (I think…) and I was shooting 35mm Revolog kolor film (my favorite fun film). I am not sure what prompted me – but I decided to shoot a multiple exposure roll. It seems I shot each frame consecutively… and of course – not every one is a multiple exposure – meaning that I must have had to hit a button or something to make it do this and I forgot. Ultimately, I expose for 100 on the 200iso film if I plan for shooting dualies…

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Kolor + Leica + Sugarbush!


Kolor is my favorite “fun” film in the 35mm format. I contacted revolog after shooting my initial order of three rolls – and ordered 50 more (major bulk discount) as I just can’t get enough of this stuff. Not sure why… since I have absolutely no control – but after seeing my New York City photos and the ones from the Eurotrip… it’s just a fun all around roll.

Over/Under exposure doesn’t seem to make as much difference as it does with Lomography films. That seems pretty constant through most of the Revolog films except for the two IR type ones (460nm and 600nm).

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