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Hi. My name is Matthew B. Harrison. I am a 34 year old intellectual property attorney that also works for two media trade magazines. My primary focus is copyright and trademark protection for visual and audio based artists.

I enjoy photography and music – specifically film and vinyl; hence the name. Despite having been paid for my photography, and having a masters degree in fine art photography, I do and always will consider myself an amateur. It’s a state of mind… always learning… with realistic expectations.

I share my work and my thoughts because I want to educate and inspire others. Take my ideas and run with them – just let me know what you do. I am always looking to add to my network of photographer/artists.

My primary cameras are:

Dorothy: An Aero Liberator created by John Minnicks. It’s an almost full frame 4×5 SLR that uses an Aero Ektar lens that is calibrated for infinity. It’s the ultimate portrait camera.

Leica M240: This camera is my favorite leica in my collection. I think it’s perfect. A lot of people think the CMOS is somehow not as good – and the digital view finder / video is not the quality that Leica should be producing. The camera is as near perfection as digital will allow an analog shooter to be. Paired with a .95 Noctilux, and it too is an ultimate portrait camera.

Canon 1VHS: This is the flagship of the Canon film line. I purchased it used for half the price of last years digital rebel. To me that was shocking… but my wallet thanked me. I use this camera with a variety of manual focus lenses including the Petzval from Lomography, some modified Leica R mount and Zeiss, and one of my favorites – the Canon 50mm 1.0L.

I am also breaking in a black (re)paint Leica M3 with 50mm Leica Summicron lens. I had a chrome M3 that got busted (i.e. I burned a hole in the shutter) while in Slovakia. So I have two film bodies as I opted to keep both and just share lenses. It worked well on my trip to Bermuda – when the black m3 had high iso film (for evenings) and the chrome had low iso film (iso .6-25 – for days).

I develop most of my own film. Most of what I shoot is black and white – but I have shot and developed my own c41. I hope to expand to e-6 and to larger sizes – such as 11×14 by the end of 2015.

My instagram is on the right. I update it when I am inspired. Most of it is photo related. Or travel related (in addition to formal photos).

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